What is FASD?

FASD is a permanent brain based disability caused by the mother drinking during pregnancy. The disruption to brain cell development causes a serious information-processing deficit, affecting a person’s ability to translate information into appropriate action, take information learned from one situation and apply to another etc and consequently, learning difficulties, poor impulse control, poor social skills, problems with planning (of any kind), problems with memory, attention and judgment are some of the very common traits. In short, this disability can present with extremely challenging behaviours on a daily basis both for the individual who is affected and for the parent or caregiver of that individual.

kidsBeing affected by, living with or caring for someone with FASD is highly intensive and very exhausting. This is a disability quite unlike others and intact families of children, adolescents and adults with FASD are a testament to the level of strength, resiliency and commitment parents make to their children. Those who love and care for an individual with FASD know and understand pain on a level that most people would find unbearable and finding others who share this journey provides great hope and strength.

APP FASD first came together as a group of adoptive parents recognizing the struggles and challenges parents were facing, and offering, through its annual retreat and support network, the chance to come together with others who understand and care.